Chinese Center on Long Island 長島中華協會



Every year the lion dance troupe faces new challenges with the arrival of new students, summer  rust build up, departure of veteran senior students and new complex routines.  The lion dancers have their work cut out for them, but with intense practices, extreme focus and raw routines.  The students overcome these challenges resulting in stunning performances that electrifies the audiences everywhere they go.

In the beginner class, the students are put through warm ups to set them in a proper mindset.  Next,  a disciplined set of form exercises with drills to set their foundation.  The final portion of the one hour practice is practical use of the skills they have developed.  The advanced class starts shortly after the beginner class ends.  They concentrate on endurance and strength testing routines.  It contains long routines with lot of elements where the lion head is hoisted above the head and simulates a mighty proud lion.  In a few short months, the new and experienced students are ready as a team to do their outstanding performances.

The troupe participates in many venues between schools, restaurants, art centers, museums and community centers dedicating their time to be ambassadors of the Chinese Center.  At such young age, they wow the audience with exemplary performance professionalism.  Of course all of this is made possible with dedicated parents who help with transportation and organization to quell the chaos behind the scenes.

Year after year, with hard work and dedication of the Center's students, parents, Lion Master Randy Yung, Coordinators Patty Chow and Stephanie Bartoldus, the Chinese tradition will be promoted through exciting performances.  These young kids proudly represent the Center by putting on their best shows and uphold the troupe's prestige.


On June 2nd, the Lion Troupe gathered at Sushi Ya Hibachi Restaurant in Garden City Park to celebrate the end of the 2012-2013 performance season.  After more than 20 performances from Nassau County Asian festivals and CCLI community events to multiple performances in Manhattan and Westchester, this troupe was ready to have some fun!  This year's members, alumni, parents and families had a great time watching the expert hibachi chefs do their flips and tricks.  Many members including Lion Master Randy Yung caught vegetable pieces mid air! The event was to thank everyone for a job well done and for their dedication throughout the year.  The Lion Troupe will be performing at Eisenhower Park at Chinese American Night on August 4th.  The new performance year and rehearsals begin in September.  No experience necessary!  All ages welcome 5yrs-18/college.  Contact Patty Chow for more information.


Performance at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. 

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