Chinese Center on Long Island 長島中華協會

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Traditional Chinese Dance

Chinese Traditional Folk dance classes have been part of our Center since early 1990's.  Our students are not only introduced to the elegance and beauty of this Chinese art but are also taught the rigors of dancing that transcend all cultures.  Through the language of movement, the students lean the richness and diversity of China's long history and heritage.

Our dance program is offered in two levels and range from preschool to alumni.  All students start at the beginning level and they progress to their level of ability.  At the age of 3 to 5 years old, our youngest dancers are in the Petite dance group.  This group learns hand/eye coordination, rhythm, and basic ballet dance steps.  They are introduced to elementary and beginning folk dances as well.  The next group is the Junior Petite group, where the students' age range from 5 to 8 years old.  This group builds upon what they learned from the previous group but are taught entry level basic techniques, rhythm, and the understanding of music expression.  The next level is the Junior group.  It consists of students ranging from age 9 to 11 years old.  Here, they develop skills in team work, choreography, balance, control, and flexibility.  In our Teen group, the students are between the ages of 12 to 14 years old.  The Teen group of students develop the understanding of different dance types from different time periods and regions along with intermediate level dance techniques. For students above age 14, they are in the Senior group, who are learning advanced techniques and skills for solo performances. 

The other level of our dance program is the Master dance group.  This is the Traditional Master Dance Company and the students in this program attend more rehearsals to hone in and refine dance skills to their peak.  This class is open to the Junior, Teen and Senior dance classes.  The Master dance class is an intense course.  The dancers work on balance, control, turns, jumps, leaps, flexibility, and poise.  They practice Chinese classical hand and arm gestures, leg and footwork movements.  The most important aspect of this class is to learn respect, choreography, and  team works.  Some of our former dancers have returned to CCLI to form an Alumni Company Dance Group.  These dedicated dancers rehearse and perform at special venues.

The Traditional Dancers have performed proudly at various events:  Chinese American Nights at Eisenhower Park, Ellis Island Medal of Honor Ceremony, Town of North Hempstead's Asian Festival, Cardoza Law School, Metropolitan Museum of Art and many other venues.  Recently, the Ringling Brothers Circus clowns and martial artists came to our Centers to perform with our dancers.  At the performances, the audiences enjoyed a variety of centuries old court and folk dances from China and minority areas. In past years, our dancers performed the Peacock, Handkerchief, Hu Bei Fan, and Bamboo Hat dances.  Great appreciation and recognition goes to Lydia Wong, with assistance from Donna Chan and Lotus Wu, and our instructors Gina Chen and Alanna Chan.  These people encourage our children to work hard and to be the best they can be.  We would like to thank our parent coordinators, Ronnie Dart, Eileen Vogel and Mona Ng.

Director: Lydia Wong   Assistants: Donna Chan, Mona Ng 
Dance instructor: Gina Chin

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