Chinese Center on Long Island 長島中華協會

CCLI Board and Committee Leaders

Chairperson                            Co-Vice Chairpersons

     Edward Chung                                                          Patricia Chow
                                                                                        Helen T. Chin

2017-2018 Executive Officers


Chris Chiu, Randy Yung

Co-Vice Presidents

Edmund Louie, Alex Fong, Mona Ng, Stephanie Tang-Bartoldus

Co-Recording Secretaries

Bryant Lew, James Vogel

Corresponding Secretary

Judy Chan


Shirley Shing, Alex Fong

Assistant Treasurer

Bettie Leong

Board of Directors


                                   2013 - 2016  

                               2014 - 2017 

                                  2015 - 2018  

Stephanie Bartoldus

Randy Yung

Judy Chan

Edmund Louie

Linda Bat

Shirley Shing

Donna Chan

Janice Chew

Linda Sau

Helen Chin

Jones Wong

Patricia Chow

Chris Chiu

Bryant Lew

Lydia Wong

Alex Fong

Edward Chung

Tony Mok

Robert Wong

George Wing

Rita Lee

Mona Ng

Lotus Wu

Albert Yim

Betty Leong


James Vogel


Standing Committee / Club Chairpersons

Sharon Cheng

Legal Counsel

Larson Chow

Internet Website

Randy Yung / Patricia Chow / Stephanie Tang-Bartoldus / Kathy Louie

Lion Troupe

Michael Lee / Danny Ng

Table Tennis

Theresa and George Wing / Veronica and Richard Yan

Ballroom Dancing

Judy Chan

Newsletter Editor

Robert Wong / Shirley Shing


Helen T. Chin

Monthly Programs

George Wing / Helen T. Chin / Edward Chung / Lydia Wong


Stephanie Tang-Bartoldus / Helen T. Chin

Grants and Proposal

Patricia Chow / Tony Mok

Public Relations

Mona K. Ng

‘100’ Club

Betty Leong / Lily Lee

Senior Club

Lydia Wong / Donna Chan

Traditional Dance

Lydia Wong / Lotus Wu / Donna Chan


Shirley Shing / Helen T. Chin


Robert Wong / Lily Lee


Rita Lee / Theresa Wing

Joy Luck Club

Mona K. Ng / Shirley Shing

Banquet Raffles



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